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Presenting World Wide Health Solutions

In todays world, there are many adverse challenges to our health.  For example, there are environmental pollutants that may cause allergic reactions and other strains on the immune system.  Ultimately, these reactions may cause bacterial, viral and fungal infections. 


The primary goal for many consumers today is to focus on green-environmental solutions, to reduce environmental stressors, and to maintain a naturally healthy well-being.


As a practicing podiatric physician, I saw the need that patients were asking for - to approach a natural solution to their healthcare as much as possible.  One area of patient concern is nail fungal infections.  At times this is not only limited to the feet but to the hands as well.  This is how I started to introduce Dr. Remedy's nail enrichment polish to my patients.


Patients began to state that they could wear the polish anytime, for example, special occasions such as weddings, family reunions, holiday parties, baby showers, corporate meetings, and the list goes on.  As a result, while enjoying parties or participating in business meetings you are supporting better health for yourself and the environment by wearing these enrinched and toxic-free polishes.


In addition, our products include Dr. Remedy's remover, an acetone-free nail polish remover with the same natural ingredients as the nail polishes. 


Again, we are committed to supporting your health for all occasions.

Thank you for choosing our products,

Dr. K

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